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About was established by 40+ Year Performance Industry Veterans to provide the ability for Porsche owners and enthusiasts to be able to talk directly with a specialized team of Performance Brake Experts to have "warm conversations about brakes and friction"as it relates to their Porsche vehicles. Members of our board are Porsche Owners Club members and owners of both classic and current Porsche vehicles.

Our goal here at Weissach Performance Brakes is to provide you with upgrades and solutions for your classic or new Porsche sports car and Porsche SUVs. Our high grade offereings include StopTech bolt-on Big Brake kits for early classic Porsche 911s to the newer GT3, GT4 and SUV Porsche variants such as the Macan and Cayenne models.

With our vast inventory of famous performance brake product brands stocked in the U.S and Europe, you can be sure to find the right set of brake upgrades for your Porsche. From a simple set of replacement brake pads, to high grade performance rotors, every brand we carry will provide superior performance and durability.

Our distribution facilities stock the finest brand names in high performance brake products. By ordering online from us, you'll get superb quality and quick delivery backed by an enthusiastic and engaged sales and customer service teams in America, Europe, Oceana and the Middle East.

Superb customer relationships at are guaranteed by company Managing Director and co-founder, John Butler. John is a 40+ Year Automotive Aftermarket Industry Veteran. He has been racing since the late 70s and providing e-commerce solutions for automotive enthusiasts since 1994.

Prior to the world of online commerce, John toiled away the decades as Marketing Director for a couple of dynamic SEMA member tuning companies engaged in racing events, project car prep, product and vehicle development, photography, copywriting, PR, mail order catalog design/development and business related growth activities. His early adulthood was spent serving 3 years as a U.S. Army medic stationed at Fort Ord, next to Laguna Seca Raceway. He was prohibited from making performance modifications to U.S. Army issued field Ambulances, so he left to join the world of high performance.

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