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Replacement Brake Rotors - Smooth

"Blank" Replacement Rotors

Replacement rotors are designed to be direct bolt in replacements of stock rotors with the same OE quality and standards. Don't be fooled, the replacement rotors we sell are made of much higher quality materials than the rotors you will find at your local auto parts store, which will quickly warp and cause vibrations.

If you use your vehicle for every day transportation and your factory brakes are beginning to squeak, vibrate, or cause your steering wheel to pulse, stock replacement rotors are a great alternative to buying cheap rotors or paying outrageous prices at the dealership. Most replacement brake rotors will be "blank", meaning they appear to have solid face for the most friction when coming in contact with a brake pad. Brembo and EBC offer great quality rotors to replace your original ones.

If you need help choosing Brake Rotors or Brake Pads for your vehicle, give us a call! We have professional brake technicians standing by ready to answer any questions you may have! 888-257-7149

Centric Premium 120 Rotor
Centric Premium 120 Rotor
StopTech 125 Hi-Carbon Plain Rotor
StopTech 125 Hi-Carbon Plain Rotor
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